Eurovent Certita Certification Accreditation ISO EN 17065:2012
Eurovent Certita Certification est accrédité selon la norme ISO EN 17065:2012 sous le n° d’accréditation 5-0517, pour la certification de produits industriels et autres produits non agricoles et alimentaires /
Eurovent Certita Certification is accredited according ISO EN 17065:2012 standard, under accreditation number 5-0517 for the Certification of industrial products and other products than food ones

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Le Cofrac est signataire de l’accord multilatéral d’EA pour l’accréditation pour les activités objets de la présente accréditation/
Cofrac is signatory of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) Multilateral Agreement for accreditation for the activities covered by this certificate

Eurovent Certification Accreditation EN 45011

La société Eurovent Certification a le plaisir d'annoncer la confirmation de sa dernière accréditation accordée par COFRAC en date du 01/01/2012 :

Accréditation # 5-0527- Certification de produits industriels
Selon ISO/IEC guide 65 :1996 ou FR EN 45011 :1998
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COFRAC est membre de EA / IAF ( et ) et donne ainsi à Eurovent Certification une reconnaissance internationale.

Eurovent Certification introduces the 1st ECC/CTI collaborative certification program for Cooling Towers

Eurovent Certification introduces the 1st
ECC / CTI collaborative certification program for Cooling Towers

The Eurovent Certification Company (ECC, Brussels, Belgium) wishes to announce the Certification programme for cooling tower thermal performance developed in cooperation with the Cooling Technology Institute Est.1950 (CTI, Houston, Texas, USA).

The scope of the program includes standardized model lines for open circuit cooling towers, typically factory assembled. Standardized model lines are composed of individual models that are required to have published thermal rating capacities at corresponding input fan power levels.

Thermal performance certification via this program offers a tower buyer assurance that the capacity published for the product has been confirmed by the initial and on-going performance testing per the requirements of the program using CTI STD-201. It also offers for regulators of energy consumption related to cooling towers, that the capacity of the towers has been validated. Minimum energy efficiency standards such as ASHRAE 90.1, which requires cooling tower energy efficiency validation by the CTI certification process, are used by governments and by green building certification programs such as LEEDTM

About Eurovent Certification :

Founded in 1993, Eurovent Certification Company is recognized as a world class leader in the field of industrial third party product performance certification for Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration products.

Offering HVAC consultants, Energy Engineering offices, Architects and product end-users the most comprehensive certification program that covers up to 15 product families, Eurovent Certification delivers performance certificate and energy efficiency labeling according to European and international standards.

Product families covered by our certification program are : Heat Pumps , Liquid Chilling Packages, Comfort Air-conditioners, Fan Coils units, Rooftop, Close Control air conditioners, Air Handling units / Dedicated Outdoor Air System, Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers, Air to Air rotary Heat Exchanger, Air filters F5-F9, Chilled beams, Cooling and heating coils, Heat exchanger for refrigeration, Refrigerated display cabinets.

Certified product lists and certified product performances are available at or at